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Rae Jay
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Originally Posted by jordyn View Post
Sorry, I'm not going to be helpful in answering your question, but have two of my own:

1) In your small claims suit, are you saying that you didn't win actual IDB compensation? What was the rationale for rejecting your claim?
2) In addition to the suit, you should probably complain to the DOT if you haven't already. It's good for them to know when American is not playing by the rules for IDB even if it won't necessarily get you any additional compensation at this point.
Hi Jordyn,

We didn't win IDB compensation. The court lacked jurisdiction. Also, I filed a complaint with DOT a year ago. It languished, unforgotten. After I sent a couple of follow up emails, the investigator finally responded. Apparently, American did not report my flight was an oversale so consequently, the DOT could not take action. Very deflating outcome!
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