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It turns out that there is a monthly rotation involved.

This is the NCL - LHR in CE, 1 May 2017, so a short evening meal (lunch would be the same) - salad option, not pre ordered.

So this is a duck salad (yes, I checked with the crew), on slaw garni with walnut pieces. The cheese is now accompanied with mango chutney (less certain). The dessert has gone from a somewhat insipid panna cotta to a very rich chocolate mousse top with a dark chocolate topping. It's very rich, I couldn't eat two. This replaces the previous chicken and prawn salad, see post 733 for an example.

And yes, I did send that cup of tea back for a replacement.

There's also been a change on the panino front. Or rather former panino: it's now a hot flatbread, not cut in half, but folded over the contents. It's at least 50% bigger than the previous version. The NCL filling was chicken Caesar salad. No photo I'm afraid. Still served with the potato salad side dish, and with the chocolate dessert.
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