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I've had a Surface Book for over a year and I'm not very happy with it. I was attracted to its cool looks, but I would not buy one again.

Main criticisms:

- for the first 6 months it was extremely unreliable and buggy. that has been fixed by an endless number of firmware updates and Windows 10 updates, but I still have an occasional crash or problem sleeping or not waking up. I'm a very experienced technical user and regularly maintain my OS but still get a BSoD around once a month.

- switching from "notebook mode" to "tablet mode but with the keyboard still attached" (so taking off the screen, flipping it and re-attaching it so it faces outward and can be used as a tablet but while still having the base with its larger battery) on the fly (not at the desk) is an awkward maneuver. It requires holding the base with one hand, the screen with another hand, and pressing the Detach button with a third hand. It is way easier on a Yoga and some other formfactors where the screen flips/twists without detaching. This may or may not be an issue depending on how often you need to make the switch on the fly while not sitting at a desk... if you're mainly working at a desk it probably wont bother you.

- the Fn key toggle is really annoying. It cannot be locked either on or off, so every time you touch it, it toggles and the Fn keys behaviour toggles between normal Fn key and media controls.. If you use the Fn keys often (as I do as a heavy keyboard shortcut and excel user) you never know what you're going to get. Half the time when I press Alt+F4 to close an app I end up muting the speaker instead.

- the hardware has worn rather quickly: scratches are very apparent, the paint has worn off the edges of the base where I rest my hands, some of the markings have worn off the keycaps on letters/keys which I use frequently, and the Ctrl key developed a crack and finally split in two (fixed with some crazy glue ). I know that I'm a bit of a hard user of my notebooks, but other notebooks I've had (Lenovo, Sony, Dell, Fujitsu) took the abuse a bit better.

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