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Originally Posted by Gaucho100K View Post
Im considering the Surface Book, not the Surface Pro - but would still be interested in hearing your thoughts & experiences with the Pro.

I looked at both and decided to go with the Surface Pro 4 primarily for its lighter weight and smaller form factor. I chose a unit with an i7 processor, 16-GB RAM, & 512 GB storage adding a 64-GB Micro-SD for emergency backup while travelling when I have slow or no connectivity to OneDrive.

At home I connect the SurfacePro to a 27" 4-K monitor via the mini display-port and extend the display to the external monitor when there is a lot of information in multiple windows to display such as in stock market trading platforms. When there is heavy graphics display to the external monitor the SurfacePro runs warmer than normal but I don't notice a performance reduction.
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