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Hard product on 787-9 is just excellent. There are no bad seats, row 5 has just 1 window though. For whatever reason I found the seat to be even more comfortable/easier to use/more private than the Air France one.

Entertainment screen was huge, selection just ok.

Food on AM is well below industry average. Regional flight breakfast omlette I had this morning was simply awful. But I was hungry. So I ate it.

On the 789 JFK-MEX flight last night there were only 2 choices of entrees and as much as I wanted to try business class hamburger (sic!) they've ran out, and I was informed that "Pasta only left, it's ok?"...

...Yeah, so service wise, I did notice a "shuttering stereotypes" section on AM's website, a message with which I fully agree, but unfortunately they still have a long way to go when it comes to establishing a consistent, world class level of service. My section was serviced by a stewardess whom actions can only be described as "a busy mother getting your meal ready just before heading off to work" - throwing food on the table, spilling drinks ("oups! "), forgetting things...

I guess it helps if you speak Spanish, or can build a rapport based on other things, but either way don't expect a kind of service westerners are accustomed to. I guess it's a good thing though, not everyone can be made the same...

So yeah, if you want to travel comfortably, you don't fly to eat and don't mind when staff just leaves you alone for the post-meal part of the trip... Aeromexico is a way to go.
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