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Originally Posted by Astrophsx View Post
We are looking at hotels and AirBnbs in the Seychelles.

Off and on you can pick up AirBnb gift cards on ebay for 10% off and then get 5x using a Chase Ink card.

I've seen some offers for where you can potentially stack 10-20% off gift cards, 5x points from purchasing from ebay/staples, and then be able to also use coupon codes.

A huge positive of AirBnb is that there are a lot of options in the Seychelles (like on La Digue). There are a lot of guest houses and apartments. I could book directly, but the rates are very similar to their Airbnb listings and 10% off and 5x points would really add up after 8-12 nights.

The major risk is purchasing Airbnb gift cards, booking the room/home, and then having the host potentially cancel months in advance (we are going in late December) or cancel last minute. There are only a few "super hosts" that may be concerned enough about losing their status that they aren't likely to cancel.

Do you think it's worth the risk to buy Airbnb gift cards for the cost savings and the 5x points?
All the standard cautions. Check review for host cancellation notices, communicate with the host, if it feels hinky, look elsewhere.
The single question I would have with the Airbnb coupons is does using them impact the amount received by the host. If it does, and if it's visible to the host, there would surely be a financial motivation to bump a discount booking for a full rate one. Not to say any particular host would do that, but something to consider.
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