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Originally Posted by herethere View Post
What's worse J and F are normally full with BA staff, just look at their twitter feeds. Yet a passenger in need is thrown off the plane. How can this ever be justified. Shame on BA
Stop trying to fit events to your own personal agenda.Have you ever experienced a self upgrader plunk himself down and make a nuisance of himself? I have, and it is not pleasant.

Where was a passenger in need? If you a referring to his self described "cancer" and "diabetes", so what? Diabetes is a chronic condition. It's not easy, but it does not compel one to be rude and pushy. Millions of people live with cancer. They go on with their lives and don't attempt to play the system. If the man was in "need", why was he flying? Seriously, if he was that ill, why was he on a holiday to visit his family?

His treatment was justified because he very clearly attempted to secure goods and services that he had not paid for and was causing a disturbance. Screaming, and having a tantrum and then playing the pity card does not justify what was attempted.

What business is it of yours if BA personnel are occupying seats in F or J?
Is it your company? Are you a shareholder who will suffer? If not, then mind your own affairs. The airline has agreements with its personnel to provide seats under specific conditions. If you don't agree, take a financial stake in the company and exercise your legal rights to intervene.
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