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Seems to me that the passenger who took it upon herself to help him ended up being as loud as, if not louder, than him.

This is a whole other dimension and problem, this scenario of strangers who suddenly decide it is their call to be referee, sheriff or teacher and invariably end up making a situation much worse. We saw it last week in the American Airlines stroller incident, where that guy almost got into fisticuffs with the CC member. If he had just held his peace, things would have calmed down a lot quicker.

I actually really hate self-appointed sheriffs and I think they get some enjoyment from stirring things and making them worse, far from really wanting to help. I've seen it happen a couple of times on Swiss trains (which I am riding every day at the moment) and there is almost never a good ending to it (but I see very few incidents for all the hours I spend on the trains, in truth).
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