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As was mentioned in several other threads, the problems started when Virgin was trying to save costs to make themselves more attractive to a buyer and moved the outsourced call center to Denver. Many of these agents were not trained properly. After the acquisition and the announcement by AS that pretty much everything Virgin will be gone as soon as possible, the outsourced call center people know that their jobs answering calls for the Virgin brand are winding down. These workers are outsourced and now temporarily employed answering calls for a brand and FF program that will soon be gone. Going through the motions is to be expected. It will take AS awhile to hire and train new people and they will not be trained in how elevate or VX works as by then, both will be a distant memory.
This is not completely accurate. The prior call center, in seattle, was the main center for about 8 years, and closed last year. prior to this, virgin opened a call center in dallas, which is now the main call center (for the time being anyway). the denver call center is a smaller concern and will likely close before the larger dallas center. any customer service call you make to any company has the chance of getting you a poorly trained or simply angry or unwilling to assist agent.
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