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Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
Why not extend it to phone agents too and in fact the neighbor who works for UA in a secretarial support type position at headquarters? After all, once you challenge award availability or tell that neighbor to keep his/her dog off your lawn, you're obviously too difficult for a FA to handle and therefore must be a threat to aviation safety.

Everything that I've seen says that crew orders (with some qualifications for being legal, etc.) must be obeyed. Crew means cabin crew (FAs, pursers, etc.) and cockpit crew (pilots, first officers, etc.). It does not include GAs, ground supervisors, baggage handlers, etc.
Not saying it's right. Saying it could be in their internal policy. I haven't seen anything either way - a reliable source like fastair might know.

But am saying we don't have a conclusion either way to say the GA was lying outright about his state.

Another possibility is the GA didn't lie, but simply didn't follow policy - such as an angry passenger not obeying UA employee orders isn't allowed to be deplaned according to policy.
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