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Originally Posted by cerealmarketer View Post
There is no confirmation of this. Sources are conflicting.

Some pax said he was fine. We have another, seated across the aisle and doing the video who said he became 'angry' and said something about being Asian to the United agent.

One of many unknowns is whether UA internal policy required a threat to safety for a removal. It could simply be noncompliant with UA employee instructions - crew or not - and possibly at odds with the contract of carriage interpretation some have.

Belligerent has many synonyms in Webster's, including argumentative, feisty, and contentious - all of which were on display in the later discussion video - well after the shock of the initial "we're taking you off" news arrived.

Another unknown. Remember, we have zero footage of when the agent made the offers and initially told him he'd be IDBed, which could have been when he was most surprised and upset.

So again, we may be extrapolating personal experiences onto something that could very well be a policy system rather than individual behavior issue.
So having an argument with an airline employee implies belligerence and can result in being forceably deplaned? WOW!

What happens when (not if) an airline employee is belligerent? (Oscar's answer seems to be that the employee has his full support and won't be disciplined in any way.)
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