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Originally Posted by Manospeed View Post
In my opinion UA should use attractive pricing strategies in the short to mid-term period to attract new customers on price in order to increase their utilization/demand and not worry about trying to get back pax who are choosing to pay more or inconvenience themselves with additional segments for the same route with another carrier so as to make a 'statement'.

The above requires little effort on UAs part and is likely to attract a much larger number of pax. Simultaneously, they should be reviewing their protocols and make the necessary changes so as to increase customer engagement and satisfaction. The fastest way to do this is to identify various groups of pax and through the use of surveys ask them what they want, what are their expectations, what do they value the most. Then go back to the drawing board and make an action plan to address pax expectations. Rather than looking at this problem as attempting to climb Mt. Everest, they should instead focus on step-by-step goals with the eventual intent on eventually reaching the top (multi-year plan).

If I were UA, at this stage I wouldn't necessarily focus my attention on those pax who are overtly jaded and express almost outright hostility to UA as the amount of effort required to bring these pax back is enormous and there are still no guarantees they will ever get them back.
Except for the text in bold, this sounds like the SMI/J approach.
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