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Originally Posted by Manospeed View Post
United Airlines will make some modifications to their previous protocols, but my money is that they won't change much. The overwhelming majority of the flying public, who might fly once a year on a family vacation, only cares about two things:

1. Flight safety
2. Price

Will this airline get me to my destination or will the plane crash due to insufficient maintenance or because we're flying on fumes? Is this the lowest price I can expect to pay to fly from A to B? Yes? Book it.

As more and more people switch over to other carriers three things will happen:

1. As demand at other carriers goes up, so will their ticket prices. Eventually the difference between them and UA will simply be too high to ignore.

2. As UA's demand takes a hit they will respond by lowering their fares (short-mid term) in order to increase capacity. People are more likely to take the bait.

3. As demand to fly with other airlines increases, the chances of the flight being overbooked increase as well. Passengers thinking "if I book with x and not UA, my chances of being bumped are nill" will be getting a very rude awakening.

With time people will forget about the Dao incident and start going back to UA until a 'market equilibrium' is reached again. Bottom line; safety and price determine where you book about 90% of the time for the overwhelming majority of people walking in airports.
For the demographic you're referencing, I'm not even sure your point #1 , flight safety, is valid given how many people still fly Allegiant.
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