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Originally Posted by LAX_Esq View Post
From my initial research, it seems that November isn't a particularly good time for the parks
Depends on your definition of a good time.

November is spring, all the birds are chirping, the bush is going green, trees, shrubs and herbs are flowering, all the impala ewes are ready to give birth.

On the other hand, it will most likely be hot and humid, and rain cannot be ruled out. Game may well be harder to spot, but if you are staying at private lodges that's less of an issue than if you are doing a self-drive.

Prices are generally lower in the green season, which may be a factor for some.

Originally Posted by LAX_Esq View Post
nor is it a good time for Vic Falls.
The falls are at their best when the volume of water coming down the Zambesi is neither too high nor too low.

Volumes do not only fluctuate seasonally, but also from year to year, depending on the amount of rain in the Angolan highlands. In a normal year, I would say that January and July are the best months. The flow should peak in April, and be at its lowest in October.

Originally Posted by LAX_Esq View Post
But it seems like November could be a nice time for a road trip around RSA.
I agree.

South Africa has several pretty distinct climates, with rain falling mainly in winter the Western Cape, at any time of year along the south and east coast, and in summer in the rest of the country.

November is a nice compromise. It is also low season for tourists, which is good for prices and availability.

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