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Wow, after reading many of the posts... (UA pilot post)

Certainly everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity on any airlines flight, and I do appreciate the money passengers spend, however, after reading many of the posts on a number of the forums here, it makes me happy I'm locked behind a reinforced door, flying the plane, and not having to deal with many of the folks who post here.

I'm sorry gang, but I originally joined FlyerTalk, as I wanted to learn more about the perception the flying public had about airlines and flying in general. I figured along the way, I could pick up some information that would help me do a better job as a recently promoted captain. But wow, so many of you come across like spoiled brats. Yes, airlines make mistakes, and yes, policy and customer service can always use improvement, but wow, the amount of anger from some of you, over often trivial things is very sad...

And to those who refer to the traveling public who don't fly often as kettles, come on, if you were so damn important, you would be flying private aviation, not pontificating over how important you are because you fly more often than someone else, and complaining you didn't get a PDB on a flight.

I appreciate those who fly frequently, and who help pay the bills at my airline, and always try to assist any way I can in providing good service, but many of you, especially some of our most frequent travelers need to grow up, and get over yourselves. Oh, and try and be respectful to each other too, most of the threads on this forum are ripe with name calling and hostility.

It's just a damn airplane ride, sit down, make the most of it, be thankful you got to your destination, go home and live your life....
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