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Originally Posted by sw3 View Post
Here's another one.

Somebody dies unexpectedly in city A and is an organ donor. There's a compatible recipient in city B high in the waitlist. There's a flight from city B to city A and the relevant medical team contacts the airline. The flight has no available seats and is already boarding. They can't find a private plane and pilot that could take them right now. This flight could take the organ recipient, his doctor and a family member right now. They can make it to the airport in a very short time but there are no available seats in the flight. The next flight leaves in an hour. What should the airline do?

(Make it a transplant surgeon instead of recipient if you wish.)

I'd rather let airlines have leeway to decide on when it's really urgent and necessary to DB at any moment including while taxiing and including turning back the plane after departure, instead of absolutely blocking them from doing this for any reasons, or themselves self-blocking from doing this via the COC. Obviously there should be some reasonable criteria such as directly saving someone's life or inconveniencing less passengers rather than more, and there should be compensation for the DBd passengers.
What would be the passenger response to an announcement describing the situation and asking for volunteers? What would be the lowest passenger bid for a VDB, do you think?
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