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[Edited:] Here's another one. Somebody dies unexpectedly in city A and is an organ donor. ... The next flight leaves in an hour. What should the airline do? (Make it a transplant surgeon instead of recipient if you wish.) I'd rather let airlines have leeway to decide on when it's really urgent and necessary to DB at any moment including while taxiing and including turning back the plane after departure, instead of absolutely blocking them from doing this for any reasons, or themselves self-blocking from doing this via the COC. ... .
Consider this: It's flight 3411, but the person the airline wants to IDB is the organ donor or surgeon. They refuse to disembark and continue to talk like the self-entitled jerks they are, rather than give way for the flight crew allegedly needed the next morning. Should mall security be called and beat them to a pulp? A FA/GA/LEO has spoken and MUST BE OBEYED!

One can make up any scenario you want, but that's not what happened on 3411. There was a plane full of people who all had their own valid reasons for wanting to be in Louisville in a couple of hours. United had its reasons for wanting to displace four of these people, and its upper limit before calling in security to drag people out was $800 in United funny money. If the GA had announced there was an organ donor who needed to get on board and asked (asked!) for someone to disembark, reactions undoubtedly would have been different.
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