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Originally Posted by reamworks View Post
It's going to be interesting how they'll implement their "we'll never IDB you once you're seated" policy for various fringe cases that arise.

Three examples, all of which happened to me.

You sit in your seat, and discover it's broken. They can't fix it before takeoff and its not safe to sit in. The flight is full. Do they deny boarding from a person in a subsequent boarding group? (In my case, it was "NO")

You sit in your seat and a Passenger of Size sits next to you, taking 12" of your seat. You can't sit down without leaning over and are very uncomforbable. Have you been IDBd after boarding? (I think so, but does the Airline?). Will the airline now have enough _chutzpah_ to remove the Passenger of Size without putting you in the middle of this, or forcing you to force the issue before they do something? (In my case, I was fortunate to find an empty seat in E-, but I lost my E+ seat. I don't know what would have happened if the flight was full. This pax couldn't even put the armrest down, but the airline didn't want to make an issue of it.)

You sit in your ticketed seat, which had been upgraded a few minutes ago (you're in the upgraded seat which you're holding the ticket for) and then the airline decides to downgrade you--to a worse seat than you had before. (An E- middle where you had an E+ aisle) Is this an IDB? You're being asked to leave your seat.
The first two cases are specifically reasons to deny a person seating (the passenger in question if there is a seat malfunction, and the person who is too large to fit in the seat in your second example). Those are both listed in Rule 21 of the CofC, which provide reasons why a person denied the right to be on the airplane.

If I get dumped out of an upgrade seat, and my usual aisle-exit-row is now taken, then I grumble, sit in the seat they give me, and wear my frowny face for a while. Yes, it's happened to me. But when it happened, the news was given to me with politeness and concern--clearly by the United employees not being discussed in this thread. Yes, there are a lot of great United employees, but there are too many who are not. I do not see that as IDB--I was not denied boarding. I was simply denied my seating preference. I still get what I paid for. Had I been upgraded from paid E+, I would expect a refund of the E+ upgrade fee.
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