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I read somewhere that they said the biggest mistake UA made was to call Airport Security and the biggest opportunity UA missed was to distance themselves from the Airport Security (i.e. throw the Aviation Department under the plane ).

In reality, I guess they are stuck, right? That is an important relationship to maintain. How would this play out with the suit and affect the relationship between UA and Chicago Aviation Department (and with other airport authorities)?
United is headquartered in Chicago. I suspect some well-placed calls to the Mayor's office could have gotten the city to throw the Aviation Department officers under the bus pretty aggressively as well. My guess is that United pays enough in taxes (directly and indirectly) to offset the city even taking a bath in a wrongful dismissal suit (though given that it seems the Aviation Department folks were defying repeated orders not to identify themselves as "police", the city likely has grounds to "clean house" over there now).

And I do suspect that a hairshirt-and-ashes press conference from the city discussing how they "are investigating this and that the Aviation Department may have grossly overstepped its bounds but please give us time to review all the evidence so we know how horribly they screwed up and sack them for the right reasons" (if not in so many words) would have given United some cover.
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