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RE: UA# 3411

I'm curious if there are any active or retired UA pilots in this forum, who might know the answer to these questions:

Was the Captain in command of the aircraft during this incident (e.g. or was that command relegated for some reason to the First Officer)?

Where is the Captain supposed to be, when the Captain, or someone at the airline that the Captain works for, has requested that a passenger on the aircraft that the Captain is allegedly in command of, has requested that a passenger be removed from that aircraft (e.g. in the "secured" cockpit?, observing the "removal process" in the aircraft cabin?)? Is a member of the in-flight crew responsible for observing the "removal process," or are they advised to "stay away (for their own safety (perhaps, over the safety of their passengers))? Is a member of the in-flight crew charged with serving as the "safety officer," in a situation like a passenger "eviction," to monitor a potentially violent situation, to protect the passengers' safety, is there an expectation that the Captain has any dialogue with law enforcement officials on board the aircraft, about how a passenger is removed from an aircraft (e.g. if situation becomes escalated, passengers around "the evictee" are first removed from the aircraft, for their own safety?).

Many of these questions come from core principles of the Federal Emergency Management Agencies Incident Command System, and the "Crew Resource Management" model, which is an integral component of modern day commercial aviation.

While some participants may state or suggest that I am a lurker, or that my questions are hysterical or silly, there is a grounded purpose for me asking each question that I ask (and a genuine interest in life safety), and I can assure you that in meeting rooms at United, ALPA, and the Teamsters (Republic pilots), these questions are being asked, or their already known answers are being reviewed. I would not be surprised if the Flight Attendants were concerned for their safety, if their union gets involved, as well, in addition to all of the Federal, State, and City agencies that will be looking at the many aspects associated with US #3411 , and the resulting questions that have been raised.

I wonder if UA has a written policy for the "involuntary removal" of a passenger, and if it was followed on UA #3411 ?

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