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Originally Posted by prestonh View Post
If they were positive space before boarding began then 4 pax would not have been boarded to begin with, they would not have had seats. Why doesn't everyone understand this: The employees were assigned the flight after the pax boarded, legally and physically.

Additionally 'must ride' is a company designation, not a legal one that overrides the priority of a passenger's legally held reservation per 14 CFR 250.2a
Doesn't matter that the pax had already boarded, even if the plane was already taxiing or even departed it could have been turned back and pax deplaned per the force majeure and unforeseeable conditions clause of the COC about the possibility of denying service to anyone at any point for that kind reason. This is not only in UA's contract but also AA's, DL's, WN's. So indeed the 4 passengers had already boarded legally but they were also legally requested to deplane as long as this came with the relevant compensation and as long as it's demonstrated that it was because of an unforeseen circumstance.
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