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Originally Posted by wolf72 View Post
Real clowns and a half. You wonder why people are leaving these airlines and switching to the middle eastern and asian airliners in droves.

But it's a pity if you have to deal with them/fly with them due to company rules in the States.

The sad part is, the agent will do it to someone else tommorrow and he`/she will just carry on with that screwed up attitude.
While I would normally agree with you. I would say the issue has nothing to do with company rules but to do with customer service. In this case just like 99% of the issues that we seem to encounter on Untied has to do with Customer Service. This is the problem with that company. They act as if you should pay your money to them and you should be proud to pay it and get the garbage treatment that they give.

Even if the agent cant do a thing for you, if they were to say I am so sorry, I really understand your situation and with a smile on their face would say if I could do something for you I truly would how much further would that go? How much does it cost them to be professional and courteous. Not a dime, this has lingered since Continental took over and the reason I don't fly them anymore.
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