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Let me confess bias: I travel a lot. One constant in my choices: I avoid UA at all costs. I can't think of a pleasant interaction with this miserable excuse of an airline. They still have not recovered from the years when they ceded control to the unions and built in the belief that the airline existed for the employees and neither the customers nor the shareholders.

This incident proves that theory again. There were numerous solutions that were available short of dragging this guy off the plane: 1. increase the compensation offers. Plainly there would have been prices above those offered that would have done the trick; 2. Get the crew to who wanted the seats other transport..maybe a connecting flight, maybe on another airline, maybe a charter.

No amount of fancy ads and public puffery will fool the public. We know what these people are made of.
Same. I'm 1K because I do a lot of business travel. Mostly DEN-OGG, and DEN-Houston, so I am trapped a bit with Denver as a hub. But United is so bad through and through: from the "dedicated 1K line" (that isn't), the IRROPS, the surly everybody, the change fees, the TOD upgrades, the lazy attendants that do not prioritize food orders, the coach FA's that argue about charging me for food AND drink, etc., etc. It is everything that is lousy, and as a 1K I have a way better experience than the typical flyer.

Lately, I have been taking WN to Houston Hobby, and to get to Maui I go Hawaiian from the west coast to HNL, and then take Mokulele to the west side of Maui. I look around to avoid UAL when I can. All this is slightly less convenient than a nonstop UAL flight to OGG, but they (United in all phases) are just so awful. These cell phone videos are United in a nutshell.
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