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Originally Posted by featheroleather View Post

what's embarrasing is the latest video of the "dr" telling the police

"no i am not going..i stay right there.....you can drag me out... let them try to use the force... i would rather go to jail"

there must have been a reason why the person who filmed this part did so, maybe because this situation was literally unfolding right in front of them & saw this person was looking for a fight.

most of the experts here with 20/20 hindsight are judging from the video at the end of the situation, not from what led up to the cause of altercation.
That video comes from the mother with young children sitting behind Dr Dao. It actually shows that he was sitting in his seat, talking on his cell, while talking to the "police".

He wasn't threatening the police; he was simply stating a fact that he was in his seat and he had rights to stay there. His voice wasn't raised and he wasn't acting "disruptive and belligerent" as what the UA CEO would later say.

I admit I'm a coward when I see authority figures and I very probably would have given in to the unreasonable demand. But if I gave up my seat under the same circumstances, it would not be because I agreed with UA, it would be because I was in fear of the threat from someone in uniform.
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