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Originally Posted by bigboy View Post
It takes years for a Fortune 500 company to change its culture. This predates Oscar by decades.

No. Core issue is that they needed to get crew to SDF for a flight. If that wasn't an issue, the VDB/IDB issue would have never happened. They would have just canceled the flight they were going to work. It's four vs. potentially dozens of passengers.

As discussed, GA's hands were probably tied by a corporate policy that seemed reasonable when it was designed. $800, regardless of whether you consider it funny money or not, doesn't seem unreasonable in a vacuum. How much are one-way fares between ORD and SDF?

It's always easy to monday-morning-quarterback policies when extreme events occur. I agree that the GA probably shouldn't have called law enforcement, but really, it's easy to sit in front of a browser to criticize if you've never had to craft or manage these kinds of policies. Especially if you're predisposed to being angered by United.
It's in edge cases like this where a company's instincts are most on display.

But let's face it: United's good-will account was already bankrupt. They had none left to lean on.
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