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Originally Posted by ARH2 View Post
I'm happy to hear you say that. I just booked a couple tickets from JFK-SCL through MEX and both are on the 787-8. While it was tough to find any information on this particular AM product, what I did read on AM in general was starting to freak me out And make me wonder if I wouldn't have been better off flying another carrier econ. Can you give any comments on the actual in-flight service, food, etc.? Really interested to hear about this based on all I've read.

Also, all of these stories of lost luggage and missed flights do to it has me worried. On the way down we have 4 hours and the way back we have 3. Should there be any issue getting bags back and rechecking?

Hi ARH2, happy to give you any thoughts that I have, but I was in Business, and based on my highlight in your message above I think you're saying you're in Economy. I did have a colleague in Economy on the same flight and he said that the food was far and away the worst he's ever had on any airline in the Americas, and I must agree with that statement in Business, as well. I chose the vegetarian option both ways because the other options just didn't sound good, and it was basic pasta both ways. We both missed LATAM's in-flight service, both J and Y, and I would definitely fly with them given a choice (the J ticket was half the price on AM so that was the deciding factor for this trip!). The service itself was friendly, though.

I had direct flights both ways, so I didn't have to claim and recheck my luggage. It seems that all flights from South America receive extra security screening for the luggage before it is delivered; as I mentioned it was 90 minutes before it came out. Are you sure you have to claim and recheck your bags? The terminal is pretty large, and if it does take 90 minutes for you to get your luggage from SCL, that leaves you less than 90 minutes before boarding for JFK.

The Aeroméxico lounges in MEX are absolutely horrendous. There are two, and in the first one that you come to after clearing security there was construction noise the entire time we were there. It was cramped, dark, and had few power points. As well, service is only by relatively unfriendly "waiters" who circulate and take orders, no walk-up bar service. That lounge closed at 10:00pm, and there was an enormous exodus to the other lounge further down the concourse (we left about 20 minutes before closing so we had no line). The other lounge was equally as full, poorly arranged, and was standing-room only, with the same style service. I recommend that you head directly to the second one and get a space there, and then you don't have to make the trek later in the evening.

My opinion is that overall Aeroméxico was a very underwhelming experience. While the hard product on the 788 and 789 was excellent, and the flight attendants were very good, the ground experience and in-flight food was far, far below what you would get with LATAM or Avianca.
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