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Originally Posted by Morph90 View Post
Hi everyone, very very, very long time lurker here (sporting bag tags too), finally might be able to start contributing a little - pity my first post is a negative one!

Flew AA for the first time this weekend on a BA code share JFK - LHR, J, I was blessed with a cocky and rude purser. I can deal with mediocre crews, but this guy was a piece of work.

I asked about a feature of the seat - that is all.

Tried to lower seat divider - couldn't figure it out

Asked Purser - (While continuing to walk) "Oh that doesn’t work” and continued into the galley.

We asked another crew member several minutes later - as we didn't have an answer, the purser overheard this and said from across the cabin “The answer hasn’t changed”
"You didn't answer the question"
"I had something more important to attend to"
"Is our question not important?"
"A question about a divider is never important, 1000s of people will take your seats if you don't want to fly"
"Is this how you speak to all your customers?"
"Are we going to have a problem here?"
"I just want to know if the divider goes down, is this the way you're going to treat me?"
"Yes, the problem doesn't change if you ask someone else, It will be fixed in 6 months, and not today"
Purser exits stage left

I actually still don’t know if it was broken or wouldn’t lower by design, it looked like it did drop.

Reckon it's worth dropping AA &/or BA a note?
Was this flight on BA metal? If so what does AA have to do with anything?
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