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Well, it's obviously been a bit quiet here on the OTAQ&D recently....

So in tandem with the multifaceted quiz item posed above by jrl767, I thought I would submit a short list of new items.

Here we go.....and please limit your response to one quiz item at a time.

1. Fill in the blanks concerning this 1965 print ad from a major air carrier:

"Why does ___(airline)___ serve imported vintage wines in crystal by Rosenthal?"

"For the same reason____(airline's)____ (marketing term for its new aircraft)____will soon total 50."

2. In 1967, this airline ran a print ad with a number of photos depicting one of its aircraft located near jet airliners operated by Air New Zealand, BOAC, JAL, Pan American, Qantas and UTA. Other photos in the ad featured jets operated by Canadian Pacific, Northwest and United.

With the above in mind, fill in the blank concerning this statement in the ad:

"Behind ALL the big jets in ____(location)____"

Also identify the airline that ran this print ad as well as its aircraft type which appeared in most of the photos. ANSWERED

3. In 1968, this air carrier advertised it was operating ten roundtrip flights a day between Los Angeles (LAX) and Las Vegas (LAS). The same aircraft type was operated on all of these flights. Identify the airline and the equipment. ANSWERED

The time line for the next three quiz items is early 1985:

4. At this time, what airport did United flight 1 originate from and what was the first destination served? Also identify the aircraft type used to operate UA 1.

5. Continental was operating DC-10 service into Houston Intercontinental (IAH) on nonstop routes from six different cities in North America at this time. Not all of these flights were operated on daily basis. Name all six cities. ANSWERED: ACA, DEN, LAX, LGA, MEX, MIA

6. There was only one daily departure at this time from Houston Intercontinental (IAH) operated with a stretched Super DC-8. What airline operated this flight and what was the nonstop destination? ANSWERED

7. Name the only airline ever to operate scheduled passenger service into Grand Island, Nebraska (GRI) with the BAC One-Eleven. And for bonus points, identify the route as well.

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