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Originally Posted by WWads View Post
I mean, look at the reissue by date. April 16th. It's almost like DL has given up on this one. https://www.delta.com/content/www/en...-platinum.html

The string of recent meltdowns aren't helping either. DL's big selling point (reliability and OTP) has lost a lot of credibility. TBH I'm beginning to wonder why I'm trying to get status again next year. I might as well finish the MQD waiver spending at this point, but I'm not going out of my way anymore.

DL is getting consistently more expensive than the competition, and United gets less terrible every day. If DL isn't going to be consistently better anymore, then I'm switching to the option with the most nonstops ex-DC.

Add all of this to yet another SM devaluation...
(bolding mine)

+1 on that

UA has continued to impress me (positively) time and time again over the last 1.5 years that I've been flying more on UA. UA agents, be it in India call center or US, really actually care about the customers and will do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. Without asking, I've had four award change fees waived (though I changed routing and dates), when reservations can't fix a problem, management will step in and get it taken care of, and in irrops UA also will do all it can to get you to your destination ASAP, no matter the cost to them (unlike penny-pinching Dullta). It's not perfect. The United Clubs are dreary, and even the Polaris Lounge at ORD is disappointing (poorly designed, no usable workspace at all) and super crowded at peak times. The 2-4-2 J seating is well below par. But, all that is secondary. What makes UA "less terrible" is that UA is clearly out to impress each and every customer and will do whatever it takes for their customers, regardless of status and ticket type (award or revenue). So, while the product (both lounges and in flight) may be far from the best, at UA I feel much more valued as a customer as a nobody (no status), than I do as a DM at DL overall (where things can go either very well or outright horrible, and you never know which way it's going to be). And it's human nature to do business with a company where you feel valued as a customer - so UA really has got that right (seems to have copied what NW did, but that DL and its deeply ingrained anti-customer and massive self ego attitude totally ruined).
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