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Originally Posted by RealHJ View Post
Its customers are not all as stupid as Dullta management thinks. The continued devaluation and the total and complete lack of trust and respect that customers have for DL will catch up with it. Not immediately, but over time. This may be just the beginning of that... of course, by then the management "geniuses" responsible for this will have collected their bonuses and will be out of the door already likely. For DL management it's a short term play (reduce SlyMiles liabilities off the books by devaluing yet again = collect a fat bonus check the next quarter). But the full impact of this is only seen in the longer term. And once trust is lost, it is a lot harder to regain it.
I mean, look at the reissue by date. April 16th. It's almost like DL has given up on this one. https://www.delta.com/content/www/en...-platinum.html

The string of recent meltdowns aren't helping either. DL's big selling point (reliability and OTP) has lost a lot of credibility. TBH I'm beginning to wonder why I'm trying to get status again next year. I might as well finish the MQD waiver spending at this point, but I'm not going out of my way anymore.

DL is getting consistently more expensive than the competition, and United gets less terrible every day. If DL isn't going to be consistently better anymore, then I'm switching to the option with the most nonstops ex-DC.

Add all of this to yet another SM devaluation...
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