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Originally Posted by KenfromDE View Post
Just prior to combining, NW still sold a lifetime club membership while DL did not. Lifetime for NW was a little over $2800. 0n 9/2009 NW credited unused portion of a 3 year membership fee leaving a net cost of $2415. This became a lifetime DL admission plus 2 guests. To date, cost per each admission is $6.80 and still falling. One of my better buys.
^ Exactly same scenario for me. I converted mine a couple years before 2009 from a 3 year platinum membership to a $2800 Lifetime, and was able to use the 2+ years of residual value left on 3 year to apply to lifetime. At the time my coworkers thought I was crazy for paying that. Now look at who they think is crazy for not buying

One of best investments in comfort I've ever made and my travel mates agree!
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