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Amex Metal Platinum With and Without Contactless Compared

I have just received the contactless metal version while I got my non-contactless metal card on Monday.

Direct comparison is interesting. The EMV chip is significantly larger on the contactless version, otherwise the fronts are identical.

The backs of the cards are very different, however. Naturally, the contactless version has the contactless logo in the lower righthand corner. On the non-contactless card the back is covered with a clear plastic coating that allows the light-reflecting nature of the stainless steel to be appreciated. On the contactless version the back cover is fully opaque with an appearance much closer to that of the old card, but less sparkly.

The back cover on the contactless card also seems to be thicker than on the non-contactless card, which in turn makes the metal part of the contactless card thinner.

The contactless card is much easier to bend and only weighs 16g, whereas the non-contactless card weighs 18g.

My contactless card also came very slightly warped. Whether this is from manufacturing or shipping is unknown.

Ultimately, the differences are small, but I do find the non-contactless to be more pleasing aesthetically and to handle. Unless you will regularly use contactless, I would recommend staying with the standard non-contactless card.

In all the images the contactless is on top.

On the image from the sides you should be able to see the white/silver plastic layer of the contactless.
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