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Originally Posted by ss278 View Post
I got mine through Western back in the late 1970's. Cost me $250. Delta wanted to take it away when they merged since they didn't offer a Lifetime membership. Offered me three years free. I said BS and with several other SLC flyers threatened to sue. "You bought the assets of Western and the liabilities. If you consider us a liability, so be it." Anyway it never came to that, they saw our point.
My father acquired his lifetime DL membership via Western. Although born in the 1980s, I heeded his advice about buying lifetime lounge memberships as a twenty-something.

Right out of college I bought a life CO Presidents Club membership, followed by a TWA Ambassadors life membership. I'll echo the feelings of others who still have a bad taste left when AA did not honor the program.

Regardless, a few years later AA offered lifetime Admirals Club memberships for a brief period of time (Three months?) so I signed up.

Immediately after the DL/NW merger was announced, I bought a life WorldClubs membership.

Overall I'm quite happy not being locked into one airline; it also occasionally means being able to pick and choose from lounges, i.e. at HNL the AC used to offer showers, the DL SC better food and the NW WC better drinks.

Ironically I now spend most of my time lounging in Centurion lounges; fortunately the $550 annual fee is basically a wash after $200 in airline fee credit, $200 in Uber credit and Boingo acccess.
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