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Arriving inHND on the afternoon and my flight leaves until next morning. I was just wondering if I can stay the whole time in the JL FC Lounge.
Based on my similar NRT experience, I had to clear security to get airside to access the FC lounge, and NRT security did not let me go airside with a next day boarding pass.

In Dec 2016, I flew BC/FC BKK-NRT-ORD, with my BKK-NRT BC flight arriving at 4pm and my FC NRT-ORD leaving the next morning at 11am. Upon arrival with my next day NRT-ORD boarding pass, I tried to go airside at 3 different security checkpoints, but all 3 security persons checked my boarding pass denied me airside access because my flight departed the next day. I wanted to access the NRT FC lounge and wait out the long passport control line, but could not get past security.

So I had to exit the airport and enter Japan, and the passport control line at NRT at 4pm was very long. But I showed a JAL agent my next day FC boarding pass and she escorted me through the fast track immigration lane even though I arrived NRT in BC.
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