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Originally Posted by Sean Peever View Post
For Ex-YVR it's showing 33 booked and 10 checked in (upgrade list not available yet)
Yeah, you can't see 33 out of YVR until 33 departs YYZ.

Originally Posted by alc View Post
thought I will never be posting on this thread after I started it since I am no longer SE this year and might never be again anyway, here my story.

My direct flight got canceled today and the ticketing counter refused to rebook me with the connection option even as standby, hence I will be to stuck at YYZ for 10hr!!! I can't go home (I rent a car to go to Airport instead of park my car for points, UA MP, and actually save my company money) and no MLL to visit (no *G or E35K ) all I have is 3hr at AMEX Lounge with my AMEX Biz Plat. Hence, I want to change to a connection so I can use another 3hr at another lounge and also another AQS

When I got into the AMEX Lounge, thought to call the AC reservation and try again.. and I got a lady on the phone within 30 sec (seems faster than the Concierge line that I recalled from early this year) and I re-explain my situation about stuck at YYZ for 10hr!!! with no lounge (yes I did tell her that) and she was very nice to book me that connection option and "confirmed" under full Y. And when I did OLCI, it only ask for the eUpg for the Y (as expected) and I see my name pop-up at the top of the list right away.

#2 and #3 has the same 3-char last name, so if only one get the upgrade, hope they don't go around and look for BP with the 3-char that they might see from the list.

The App show Economy is Full and Biz as Available.

I thought I will never care about this info even when I was flying UA. But today, I really love it today when I see my name as #1 .

--- added info ---
in case you wonder why I left out all the detail about which flight / city - I did it on purpose now to wide it for myself, I just don't want to get the lady on the AC Res Line in trouble, in case she is indeed doing me a favor.
Rebooking you up to full Y in IRROPS is a pretty standard thing to do.
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