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Originally Posted by TAG2016 View Post
Saltire74 can you please elaborate on "enquiring about faring up"? What is that and how is it different from a regular upgrade?

Thanks man
Hi TAG2016

What I mean by this is calling EK Customer Service and enquiring how much to pay the difference from a Y to J fare therefore giving you business class travel, chauffeur drive service, lounge access and J class miles and points. With the email and check in upgrades, you only get the seat and at times, there is not much difference in cost but a big difference in the whole experience.

My prime example was a J-F fare difference last year from PEK-DXB-GLA from business saver to first and the cost was 412 which I thought was exceptional value. Of course, airline ticketing pricing is part of the dark arts but it does no harm in calling EK to enquire about up faring if you get the email offer to see the difference in price and weigh that against the added benefits.

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