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Originally Posted by canadiancow View Post
I have never had a BP say that without me going into the eUpgrade system.

What does it even mean to be standing by for an opup? Isn't the entire plane standing by for an opup?
I've had. And for an international flight too. Twice (I only fly twice a year to see grandpa).

It only said Stand by for Upgrade or standby for business class... can't remember exactly.

I had not done an eupgrade. I was not on an expensive fare. I had not talked to any agent (OLCI). I am not SE, nor am I of any moral or financial interest to AC.

J did not leave full. I did not have the loads for the rest of the cabins though.

So this is why I have a feeling that this whole process may very well be automated, and potentially cleared and managed differently. Wasn't there someone on FT talking about getting an eUp once, and it had cleared but not really? That an agent had to do something to "confirm" it even though it had "cleared" ?

I'm just fishing for info really. No one really knows what's going on except AC. If only there was some kind of AC Rep on this board that could give us a bone....

Oh wait. They're gone. Or are they? Maybe they should just post under an anonymous handle lol
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