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Originally Posted by canadiancow View Post
I'm going to discuss your last point first.

If you want the upgrade, do not board until they say that J has BOARDED full. Boarding drops you off the public list, which lines up with what a few employees have said. That's not to say they couldn't go deeper into the system, upgrade you, walk on board, and tell you. But I've certainly had the opposite experience.

As for the rest, my hunch is that the public list order is just wrong. Any manual manipulation they do can have dire consequences.

8 seats left, they confirm #2 -8, and then KEN,S hits IRROPS, calls the concierge, and is moved into the last available seat on the flight. Then #1 shows up, but the flight's full. In that situation, it should either be me or #8 who doesn't sit in J, but #1 gets screwed.

But who knows. Maybe they do some things manually for "reasons". But that reminds me of when the last two seats went to a pilot (do not recall if he was a captain, but he was certainly not a deadheading captain, or he would have been confirmed ahead of time, which means he should have been below revenue upgrade priority) and an E35K, while this SE stayed on the list. I can tell you right now that if I'm #1 , and #2 clears, I'm going up to the gate to have a discussion with the GA. Or I'm calling a concierge. So they better hope their list is right, or a lot of time is going to be wasted dealing with people like me

If the list and process are fully transparent and completely accurate, I think this could make life easier for the GA. But right now, the process is unknown, and we've demonstrated inaccuracies on the list, so this could just make things worse. "Why did ABC,D get upgraded over me? I was #1 !" "On my list, you were #2 ". I'm waiting for a story about that
How early have you seen check marks being added to the list?

Because we are also assuming that there's a possibility that just because there are no checkmarks, that the upgrade hasn't been " approved".

I'm saying this because I remember taking a flight and knowing I was going to get opupped T-23h. I had been wait listed automatically out of nowhere, and I am 100% sure that I am under no one's grace at AC. But I do remember being told that I'd know for sure if I'd be in J once it went to gate control.

I was never called to the podium or anything, and when I got to speak to the agent it took more time than usual, which leads me to believe that despite the fact everything was automated, it still needed intervention.

But where would I show up on that list? First? Somewhere in between due to status? Last because it was an opup?

And even if the list shows that people aren't upgraded, we should probably check to see how inventory moves. So if the flight is J8, and then #8 clears and flight goes J0, it could indicate something.
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