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I have similar experiences. I'm still looking for a travel pillow that would let me sleep better on long haul Y. Have tried all the common styles, more than 10 kickstarter and online recommended styles, but nothing has worked well for me so far.

Specific comments for different styles:
  • U-style: Head tilts too far forward, not high enough for sideways support.
  • Side pillows only: Not stable enough to give good side support
  • Weird shapes (e.g. upside down J-shape): Usually give side support, but hard to find overall convenient position.
  • Collar styles: Feel too tight on my neck or jaw
  • Behind neck styles: Great in one position, but don't allow changing position
  • Real pillow: Just take up too much space when not in use
  • Airline pillows: If I can get several, I can usually arrange them in some way that feels reasonably OK.
  • Seats with adjustable side supports for head: These usually help a lot, but still need some pillow

I think the challenge is that many travel pillows are designed for people who sleep on their back, I sleep best on my side normally.

I also find it important to be able to stretch my legs as straight as possible and I can usually score an exit row seat with status so this part is pretty OK. Even many J seats (op-up experiences) don't let me stretch out fully (180cm/6ft).

Thanks for your comments and experiences, I need to try the Ikea one, hadn't realized it might have two layers which might be good... Will keep trying options.
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