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Originally Posted by kt74 View Post
Yes, yes, we get it. The A and K seats are amazing, especially on the upper deck. Well done! 1 in 4 seats.

Now try being a Gold, paying full fare for a last minute ticket (i.e. the most profitable ticket that BA could possibly sell), and finding an A or K seat on the Friday night flight back from JFK, Sunday night from LHR to JNB/DXB, etc

Basically, it's lovely if you can book early and nab one of the good seats, and I don't mind it for leisure travel where I can book it well in advance

But for last minute business, I can't guarantee a good night's sleep if I'm stuck next to a snoring stranger in an E or F (why isn't there a divider like on Every Other Airline), or if people are padding up and down next to an aisle seat, but maybe you lot don't mind that?
People have different preferences, wants and needs. There's not really a need to chastise them for saying CW as a product is perfectly fine but limited.

As for the buying a ticket last minute...well that's not really got anything to do with the product has it?
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