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In (partial) defense of CW

Hi all,

With the negativity we have seen recently I wanted to list some (of what I view as) positives with regards to CW (vs QR J, having taken a trip on both products recently).

- The CW seating arrangement in A / K feels very private once airborne, more so than the 2-2-2 layout on the equivalent QR J product (777).
- The CW seating arrangement in E / F in the bassinet rows is great for traveling with young kids since when the seats are in the upright position you can allow them some floor space of their own to sit / play / crawl without getting in anyone's way and without being able to 'escape' easily.
- The Club Kitchen is reliably stocked with 'proper' food items (Sandwiches, salads, etc.) in addition to the standard crisps, chocolate and fruit, this is great if you just fancy a light snack rather than a full blown hot meal.
- I have found that the BA crews tend to be reliably more welcoming with a greater freedom to express their personalities and employ 'outside of the box' thinking to improve the customer experience (although I do understand the poor treatment and working conditions suffered by the QR staff so this is not to be unexpected).
- For me, as a fussy eater, the ability to peruse the menu for my flight a couple of weeks in advance and secure my first choice is a nice touch and to date I have always been offered the choice to change this on board should I wish.

To be clear, I am not saying that the product is better or that I expect others with different requirements / standards to agree, only that despite Cruz's best efforts, the product offered still has positives on which to draw.

Now, here's to hoping he doesn't read this and use it as his 'cost cutting ideas' for the next 5 days

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