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TXL-LHR, 16:45 dep

Took the Ploughman's "Salad" (why it isn't a Ploughman's *Lunch* I don't know - it certainly would be more suitable in that time slot).

It was actually pretty tasty, if a bit limited. What it was not, however, was a dinner-time meal, but BA decree no one wants dinner before 5pm and that's a whole different story.

Can see BA fielding some awkward dry cleaning claims for piccalli and Branston pickle stains, though!

The alternative was a wholly derisory 2 and a half fingers of sandwich.

I realise TXL is only 90 mins or so in the air (though frequently more like 120 with LHR holds) and is a shorter former band 3, but even for this length of flight the offering felt derisory. Can totally understand why longer band 3 regulars are so angry at this change.
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