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Originally Posted by Mancolt View Post
Great call making connections! I don't frequent one place enough to do that, though I may start at my local grocery store, since those money orders print dark enough that they can be accepted for mobile deposit (unlike WM).

I'm not trying to make you feel worse about the card, but there are better offers. I actually received a mailing with an RSVP code for the Business Amex Platinum (100k MR after $10k spend in 3 months). And I've even heard of some people getting a mailer for 150k MR.

In the future, I'd recommend checking a few different sites to see what the current offers available are for the card. It may be worth waiting and tracking down one of those offers before applying. I actually had 2 of the RSVP mailers with unique codes, and shared the code with a user from another forum I frequent.
Oh believe me, I was aware of the better offers... I don't remember if I said this already but I got a 100k mailer soon after applying!

5/24 and the SPG higher bonus were kinda forcing my hand...

It was a tough decision to include the biz Plat, one that I mulled over for a few days and ultimately it was the wrong one. I got impulsive and greedy, which, the more I do this the more I realize, is the exact worst trait for churners to have... Sometimes I have to learn lessons the hard way... Oh well. At least the mailer I got didn't have once in a lifetime or 12 month language so I can probably look forward to closing the business plat one day and churning that bonus... Anyone know if they would award the bonus to me from that mailer while currently holding the card? I would guess not...
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