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Originally Posted by DrunkAmexChick View Post
And to answer your questions: Yes, I am doing this to meet ms; although I'm really starting to rethink this offer I signed up for: 75k for 20k ms in 3 months! Meanwhile, I've got like $25k ms on other cards right now too. And I haven't seen the points yet (this was just last week) but another user just confirmed it should work.

Follow up to that story: I went back this evening and had a lovely experience with a different lady there. I asked her for a copy of the SAR form so I could take it home & prefill it out and make copies to save them time. I then asked her what time they closed and she told me and let me know that I could phone them direct if I was running late and they would wait for me! Then split $3k of FBs between two cards and left, no problems this time.
Great call making connections! I don't frequent one place enough to do that, though I may start at my local grocery store, since those money orders print dark enough that they can be accepted for mobile deposit (unlike WM).

I'm not trying to make you feel worse about the card, but there are better offers. I actually received a mailing with an RSVP code for the Business Amex Platinum (100k MR after $10k spend in 3 months). And I've even heard of some people getting a mailer for 150k MR.

In the future, I'd recommend checking a few different sites to see what the current offers available are for the card. It may be worth waiting and tracking down one of those offers before applying. I actually had 2 of the RSVP mailers with unique codes, and shared the code with a user from another forum I frequent.
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