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I'm thrilled with the OP3 I've been using since June. I would normally be looking for a replacement device about now but the thought hasn't yet crossed my mind. Great hardware, excellent price. Works great out of the box. I never used the OP2 but I've heard it was a piece of crap, so don't base your experience on that. OP3 is a fantastic device like the OPO was when it was released.

I have no doubt the P10 Plus is a superior device with a price to match. AFAIK it is water-resistant and can support a microSD in lieu of the 2nd sim. This would probably be my choice if cost wasn't an issue.

I'm a big fan of Xiaomi in general. Similar value-wise as the OP3 but it does require a lot more tinkering. The only devices I've never installed custom ROMs on are my Nexus and OnePlus phones.

Being able to use Xposed is a dealbreaker for me. If you use it, it's not yet available for Android 7.0 and would rule out many of the newer phones that ship with Nougat, like the P10.
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