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Never used a Huawei so can't say anything about them. I do however find their phones quite good looking and their UI, is a bit... different. Apparently the cameras are really good.

Mi Note 2, only ever used one Xiaomi phone and that was the... don't even remember what it was called. Anyway, a few of my friends have Xiaomi phones, and are very happy with the fact that they're so cheap and are also so good. Battery life is also a huge plus point for these phones.

I had a OnePlus 3 for a while, and it was great. Fantastic performance, one of the quickest fingerprint scanners ever, and the Dual SIM feature itself just works, there's nothing confusing about setting it up or anything, it just works as it should.
The light custom skin from OnePlus makes the UI very quick and snappy. I found it to be a great phone, so this would be my pick from the ones you've listed.

As for the ASUS, I've got nothing.
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