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Originally Posted by Mancolt View Post
A few questions, given that I just got the AmEx Platinum Business. Are you doing this to meet min spend? Did it indeed post as 1.5x MRs?

That's a bold first MS attempt, especially pulling the switcheroo on the cashier! But good for you keeping your calm and pulling it all off!
Thanks! It was unbelievable. I left feeling great. MS always gets my heart pumping and I'm really starting to enjoy it.

And to answer your questions: Yes, I am doing this to meet ms; although I'm really starting to rethink this offer I signed up for: 75k for 20k ms in 3 months! Meanwhile, I've got like $25k ms on other cards right now too. And I haven't seen the points yet (this was just last week) but another user just confirmed it should work.

Follow up to that story: I went back this evening and had a lovely experience with a different lady there. I asked her for a copy of the SAR form so I could take it home & prefill it out and make copies to save them time. I then asked her what time they closed and she told me and let me know that I could phone them direct if I was running late and they would wait for me! Then split $3k of FBs between two cards and left, no problems this time.
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