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Originally Posted by DrunkAmexChick View Post
The first time I went to a SM I was attempting to buy $5500 in FB's. I filled out the form, asked the gal to split the payment $5122 on my Business Platinum (was testing if this would trigger the 1.5x MR for over $5000 transactions) and the rest on my Business SPG. It was a trainwreck at first. The card got declined, I called Amex spoke to someone about clearing the flag and they instructed me to have the merchant attempt the transaction a second time. It was declined again! A bit embarrassed (and still on hold with Amex) I was incredulous. I asked the rep what had happened and he said even though he (with the card security dept) had cleared the alert, the second attempt had triggered a fraud alert which had to be cleared by a different dept. I had him transfer me, that dept cleared the second alert and I went back to the girl at the SM desk and sheepishly asked that she run the card again. She then instructed me that that particular SM had a policy in place that they would not accept a third attempt after two previous declines. She did say they would accept a different form of payment. Now, I feel bad about this, but I showed her the business platinum again and claimed it was a different card (I had a personal plat to show her when she seemed unsure that I was indeed showing her a different card.) It worked and thankfully, the SPG went through without a problem too. Looking back it was a monumentally stupid first visit to SM, but I'm hoping with repeat visits they get to know me and everything becomes smooth sailing.
A few questions, given that I just got the AmEx Platinum Business. Are you doing this to meet min spend? Did it indeed post as 1.5x MRs?

That's a bold first MS attempt, especially pulling the switcheroo on the cashier! But good for you keeping your calm and pulling it all off!
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