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Originally Posted by audidudi View Post
Per a poster on a.net, the following was posted:

"Has it been confirmed that ALL A320 P1 aircraft are being modded to P2?"

The replies:

"Not all, for instance 3215 is leaving the fleet in a couple days, and along with a few more in a couple months. There should be another batch of 10 or so getting scheduled for retirement in the coming weeks/months".

"If there really is another batch of 10 or so A320s being scheduled for retirement, these would have to come from the group of older A320s that have already received Phase 1 mods. It would make sense to skip doing Phase 2 on these. The logical cutoff point would be 3226 and earlier, as 3227 is the oldest with Phase 2."

Can anyone here confirm or deny this rumor about an additional 10 retirements coming this year, or is this poster speculating? I have a hard time believing that DL would have modded any aircraft if they were going to be retired within 12-18 months afterwards. They could have just started the mods with ship #3227 in that case!
Due to changes in capacity planning, namely keeping a lot more 757s than originally expected, more of the small motor 320s will be leaving the fleet and will be replaced by 321/739s. Yes some of these will have had P1 mods done.
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