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WISAG was not much better either. Beginning of March I waited for my luggage 55 mins (longer than flight time) and when I afterwards went to the so called "Service Desk" they just said we are not from airberlin - actually nobody here at TXL is from airberlin. Not even a word of apology or thanks for letting us know. All contractors with no oversight and authority. When I departed two days later we waited for a crew swap 90 mins and then there were no busses to be driven out to the aircraft. Massive delay. And then they do not even serve a glass of water to 180 overtired guests in the middle of the night. Disgusting.
All of this is purely due to bad bad bad management for years. Let's see what shiny Job Pichler gets next. His predecessor is despite his complete failure at AB now CEO of an Indian LCC.
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